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Fedup With FM - Podcasting

If you are fed up with listening to your local FM station and the mass of inane adverts that punctuate each show, or, if you crave interesting spoken word programmes that are written and presented by excited, knowledgeable enthusiasts, then Adam Curry's "Daily Source Code" podcast may be just what your a looking for.

Adam is one of a rapidly increasing group known as "podcasters", whose shows are created to be heard on iPods or other MP3 players. Formerly an MTV video-jock, he is the man who created the "iPodder" program. Downloadable from, this easy to use software allows you to decide which audio feed you wish to subscribe to. This is then automatically added to your iPod or MP3 player to listen to when you decide.

The great thing about Podcasting is that it allows listeners to download their favourite shows automatically. There are now tons of "advertisement-free" radio channels for listeners to subscribe to, with more emerging every day.

Once set-up with a program like iPodder your favourite program downloads automatically whilst you sleep, so that you can listen to it on the journey into work the next day, or whenever it suits you. You are not tied to any schedule. It is true radio-on-demand.

When you visit you will see details of the latest podcasts and you will be able to easily subscribe to great shows such as "Coverville", a music show consisting purely of really interesting cover versions as well as the truly original, if not a little whacky, "Whole Wheat Radio" from Talkeetna, Alaska. (Where!!).

There are, of course, lots of shows created and presented by true Podcast enthusiasts and knowledgable techies, such as "The Engadget Podcast" and "IT Conversations". However, by mixing all of these topic areas you can end up with a true, custom-made audio experience that meets all of your listening requirements.

Podcasting is still in its' infancy and over the next 12 months you will see more and more growth in this unique field. Podcasting is a real example of a technology that simply could not have existed even 2 years ago and with just a little effort on your part over the coming months you could play a significant part in the development of this exciting and creative medium.-

About the Author:
Colin Maddocks is a web-based travel agent and marketeer running several, successful web businesses, including and He is particularly excited by new web developments in RSS Feeds and Podcasting. Colin has written many articles on web selling and technology.








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