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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listerners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation.

Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

04/28/2005 Podcasting Is a Success in New York
Newsday is the latest New York-area newspaper to jump on the podcasting bandwagon. Podcasting may not yet be a mainstream technology, but the promise is boundless, according to one academic at Columbia University interviewed for the story. Already, there are 4,500 podcasts and 6 million podcast listeners nationwide, plus a vast untapped international marketplace.

What's cool is that initial efforts to integrate podcasting into a broader overall business strategy have been successful. The New York Sharks women's professional football team, for example, has found that podcasting has been a relatively cheap way to extend their audience and brand to new markets.
04/27/2005 Fee Based Podcasts
Podshows tries a different model for podcasting fee based subscription podcasting. Hmmm, with all the free podcasts available it will be interesting to see how this takes shape.  The natural progression for ammortizing podcasts isn't unusual but I expected to see commercials in podcasts before subscription podcasts.

According to the site:

"Podshows gives you the best broadcasters and the best entertainment at the best price!"
04/26/2005 Star Trek Boldly Goes Into Podcasting is making its first foray into podcasting with its In a Mirror, Darkly episode audio commentary. The podcast features episode writer Mike Sussman and the site's editorial director Tim Gaskill.

How it Works

1. Tape or TiVo the episode on UPN this Friday night. It's recommended that you watch the episode first.
2. Download the commentary in either MP3, QuickTime or Windows Media format.
3. Replay the episode and simultaneously listen to the commentary, either on your computer or digital media player. Cues are provided for ad breaks, so you should be able to follow along with the episode.

Startrek Podcast
04/25/2005 Podcasting Tools - Using podcasting tools broadcasters, publishers and webmasters can increase their audience and reach.
Podcasting is increasing in popularity and, realizing that many are interested in providing audio content in a podcast, we have assembled a collection of tools that make creation, promotion and listening to podcasts a little easier.

Complete Article - Podcasting Tools & Resources

04/23/2005 Podcast Innovations enhances Podcasting with the Introduction of Podconferencing has announced the next step in the ever expanding use of a new method for Portable On Demand audio content, known as Podcasting. With thousands Podcasting a wide variety of content, the continuing development of this new medium is changing the way audio files are used and distributed. The
announcement today provides the next logical step in the evolution of information distribution, Podconferencing. Using the latest technological advance in Voice Over Internet Protocol, and the power of a peer-to-peer system, Podconferencing has arrived. *PODDEX 1.0 *will be the first all Internet Podconference.
04/22/2005 Macintosh Podcast Software in Beta - Create, Edit and Publish Podcast Feeds on a Mac
FeedForAll Mac - software to create, edit and publish RSS feeds and podcasts on your Mac is now available in beta form.

A 'Beta' release of FeedForAll Mac software has been released. This means that the product is stable, but does not yet contain all the features planned for the final release. Nor does it contain all the documentation.

Additional details and free download -

04/21/2005 Forbes Speaks Up About Podcasting - Podcasting: Making Waves
Just when we grasped what blogging was all about, along came podcasting, which in some ways is even more disruptive and exciting as blogging. Being a podcaster myself, I've seen firsthand the business and legal chaos podcasts have created.

As you'll see (and hear) in this column, perhaps they might soon create some political chaos too. Simply put, podcasting is the act of recording and transmitting digital audio over the Internet to one's computer or MP3 player. The "pod" in podcasting refers to Apple's iPod, but any MP3 player can play podcasts. Using a streaming-media player, you also can listen to podcasts right off the Web. Most listeners do.

Complete Forbes Article
04/19/2005 Podcasting Station - Podcast Directory and Search Engine
Easily find topic specific Podcasts feeds by searching or navigating Podcasting Station's directory. Podcasts can be found by searching for keywords or by using the directories categories.

Visit Podcasting Station or Submit Podcasts
04/18/2005 Podcasters Are Creeping in To Take Over Radio
Some podcasts sound as slick as commercial radio; others are painfully amateur. They touch on everything from the latest iPod gadgets to hot new pop music remixes to God knows what. For now, podcasting still lives in the shadowy realm of tech geeks. But at the rate it's catching on, it won't be long before the pod people invade the mainstream.

They're coming. With bedtime stories and Spanish lessons, they're coming. With dirty jokes and Eastern medicine, they're coming. With wine tips and pop music mash-ups, they're coming.

They are the podcasters, about 3,500 people broadcasting homegrown audio shows, or podcasts, around the world via the Internet.

Complete Article
04/15/2005 BBC to do more Podcast
The BBC will ‘podcast’ up to 20 more radio shows including excerpts of Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme and Radio Five Live sports debate show ‘Fighting Talk’, following on from the success of its initial downloading trial.

Speaking at Music Radio 2005, BBC radio and music interactive controller Simon Nelson revealed that the podcasting trial, where listeners have news programmes delivered to their computer or MP3 player, will be extended until the end of the year due to the success of last year’s effort. He added that the BBC will explore the technology and distribution of the medium further.

“The BBC was the first British broadcaster to broadcast when we made ‘In Our Time‘ available last year and this trial will enable us to further explore the editorial, technical and distribution issues involved,” Nelson said.

The trial means the BBC will offer its first daily podcasts including the ‘Today’ programme’s 8.10am interview, along with weekly highlights of Radio 1 programmes for listeners to download and transfer to portable audio players.
04/14/2005 Apple Income Up 500% Because of the iPod - Guess its Catching
Apple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2005 second quarter ended March 26, 2005. For the quarter, the Company posted a net profit of $290 million, or $.34 per diluted share. This compares to a net profit of $46 million, or $.06 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter.

Apple shipped 1,070,000 Macintosh units and 5,311,000 iPods during the quarter, representing a 43 percent increase in CPU units and a 558 percent increase in iPods over the year-ago quarter.
04/13/2005 Podcasts As Mobile Content
Podcasting continues to gain momentum, and today a number of well-known UK DJs announced they'd begin selling professional-quality shows, priced pretty cheaply. Why not target some to mobiles?

Mainstream media is catching on to podcasts, with lots of radio stations beginning to offer downloadable shows, and more "professionals" are becoming interested in them as well -- a group of UK DJs the latest to get involved. Interestingly, they're going to sell half-hour shows for 49p and hour-long shows for 99p, and although there are some drawbacks to their content, it seems like a medium that could be well-suited to the mobile phone.

Complete Article
04/13/2005 iPod One
The music tastes of U.S. President George W. Bush have come under scrutiny after an aide revealed the playlist of his new iPod player.

The portable digital device, given to Bush by his daughters Jenna and Barbara last July, contains much country music, but also songs by Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and the Knack.

The MP3 player, which can store up to 10,000 songs, only contains about 250, according to the New York Times, which first reported the story.

"iPod One," as the player has been dubbed, is used by Bush while he pedals around his Texas ranch on a mountain bike, presidential media adviser Mark McKinnon told the newspaper.

The task of downloading the music falls to the 58-year-old president's personal aide, Blake Gottesman, who buys individual songs and albums from the iTunes music store.

Complete Article
04/11/2005 Is Podcasting For Real
Shel Holtz's recent response to Darren Barefoot's "Why I'm Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope", was dead on.

Holtz responds to each issue that Darren raised.

Mainstream radio will take over podcasting, offering time-shifted versions of their own content.

The time-shifted nature of podcasting is great, but it's not the only-or even the main-reason that podcasts appeal to people. Most of the radio we're subjected to these days is programmed by corporations. My daughter, for instance, has pretty much given up on radio, since she hears the same songs (pushed by the labels) over and over again. What she likes about P2P and, now, podcasting, is the opportunity to hear alternative music. Radio is also sanitized. (Just ask Howard Stern.) Podcasting is about genuine voices. It's also about narrowcasting. Neville and I will never have hundreds of thousands of people listening to FIR, but if we have the key influencers in the public relations world in our small audience, we'll be very happy.

complete article
04/11/2005 Homespun Podcasts Explore Universe of Topics
As millions of pilgrims streamed into Rome this past week, Internet listeners accompanied a Dutch priest on an intimate audio tour to pay one last visit to Pope John Paul II before he was laid to rest.

Father Roderick Vonhogen brought the Catholic Church's ancient rites to life through a cutting-edge format: the podcast, a radio-style show that is distributed over the Internet.

Podcasts have caught on like wildfire since they first emerged nine months ago. Listeners can pick from roughly 10,000 shows on topics ranging from religion to wine to technology, and media companies and advertisers are taking note.

Complete Article
04/07/2005 TopCast Awards to Recognize Podcast Industry's Top Programming Talent This Fall
Nominations for Thirty Top Podcast Category Awards Are Now Being Accepted Online at

Move over Academy Awards, the growing Podcast industry now has its own awards program and nominations for Podcast shows and Podcast industry talent are now being accepted online at The TopCast Awards were developed to enhance, promote and strengthen the relatively new podcasting phenomenon as it continues to evolve. Internet entrepreneur and TopCast awards event founder Peter W. Bowman is pleased that already over twenty-five online nominations have been submitted for the TopCast Awards after less than one week online.
04/06/2005 Podcast Radio Show! Get Podcast Tips and Information.
Listen to the Podcast Radio Show - Live from the PodCast Marketing Promenade we look deeper into PodCast Marketing, and take a trip to the PodCast Marketing Green Room. Listen to the interview with Sharon Housley.They discuss Internet marketing, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and niched PodCasting strategies.

Great resource for podcasting and online marketers.
04/05/2005 Pope Podcasts Show Importance Of Medium
Regardless of your religion, I think you can agree that the passing of Pope John Paul II is an historic event. When I visited Catholic Insider and listened to the podcasts there, I connected to this event at a new level.

These podcasts have impacted me more than any of the news coverage I've seen. Disclaimer: I have16 years of Catholic education under my belt and have visited Rome and the Vatican.

Catholic Insider is a podcast site run by Father Roderick Vonhögen, a Catholic priest based in The Netherlands. His eyewitness account as a mourner in Vatican City brings you specific details and the emotion of the moment, something that a reporter simply cannot.

Father Vonhögen also uses podcasting to accomplish something that many blogs simply cannot-no matter how well-written. Live, eyewitness accounts will certainly raise awareness of podcasting...much in the way they did for blogs. Podcasts like this will also help differentiate the technology from blogs.

The CatholicInsider
04/04/2005 Podcast & Portable Media Expo Announces Podcast Award Categories
Podcast and Portable Media Expo will be giving awards in various categories to individuals, teams and companies in the following areas. The awards will be chosen by a committee of influential press, podcasters, bloggers and technologists.

The Best of Show awards are given to companies with products that have been recently introduced or are making their public debut at Podcast & Portable Media Expo in the following categories:
- Best Digital Audio Device
- Best Portable Video Player
- Best Audio Editing Tool
- Best Video Editing Tool
- Best Content Subscription Tool or Service (Free)
- Best Content Subscription Tool or Service (Paid)
- Best Pay-Per-Download Service

The Podcast of the Year award is given to an individual or team of individuals producing a podcast at least once per week in the previous 6 months. The committee considers the quality of the content only, and not the size of audience or popularity ranking.

The Most Unique Application of Podcasting award is given to an individual or team of individuals using podcasting in a unique way to reach an audience in the previous 6 months. The committe considers the creativity and effectiveness of the use of podcasting in ways that further the growth of the medium.

The Portable Content of the Year award is given to an individual or team of individuals producing compelling audio or video content at least once per week in the previous 6 months. The committee considers the quality of the content only, and not the size of audience or popularity ranking.

The Person of the Year - Podcasting award recognizes the person having the most positive influence on the growth and popularity of podcasting in the previous 12 months.

Person of the Year - Portable Media The Person of the Year - Portable Media award recognizes the person having the most positive influence on the growth and popularity of portable media in the previous 12 months.

Additional Details
04/03/2005 Startling Growth for Australia's Podcast Network
Booming growth in demand for innovative audio programming has resulted in startling expansion for Australian new media company The Podcast Network.

Launched mid-February to capitalise on a global explosion of portable audio players, the month of March saw a show being downloaded every 44 seconds from the network. Over 60,000 mp3 files were downloaded from their website,, with a new listener being added every 1.7 minutes.
04/01/2005 Radio Broadcasting Association Buys Podcasting
In a surprise move, the Broadcasting Organization of the Greater United States has purchased the rights to the technology underlying podcasting for an undisclosed sum. As part of the deal, two of the pioneers of podcasting, Dave Winter & Alan Curry, have agreed to join the organization with the title of podcasting evangelists.

"It's all about respect," said Winter in a statement. "The Organization was prepared to offer me a lot of respect, and I couldn't really refuse the offer."
complete article

The downside - they are changing the spec! Just as podcasting is gaining momentum and popularity a modified standard that will complicate and confuse! To make matters worth the spec will be iPod specific alternative device support will not be encouraged. :-( Don't these people get it??? This is a really BAD idea.









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