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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

01/30/2006 Microsoft Mulling Possible iPod Alternative
Tired of being an also-ran in the digital music arena, software giant Microsoft is reportedly considering offering its own device.

The company ignited the discussion with its December shift of its digital media software division and the MSN Music service to the Entertainment ? Microsoft was noncommittal about a music player.

"As you may know, the recent reorganizations (both company-wide and within E?

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01/30/2006 Apple Offers College Lectures Via Podcasts
In its latest move to broaden its iPod and iTunes franchises, Apple Computer Inc. has introduced "iTunes U," a nationwide expansion of a service that makes course lectures and other educational materials accessible via Apple's iTunes software.
01/27/2006 iTunes adds SpongeBob, Punk'd, and other MTV shows
"SpongeBob SquarePants," "South Park" and "Punk'd" are among 14 popular TV shows now available for download from the iTunes media service under a new agreement between Apple Computer Inc. and Viacom Inc.'s MTV Networks, the companies said Thursday.

The agreement bolsters Apple's market-leading iTunes service as an alternative conduit for television programming, adding a range of shows from children's animated hit "Dora the Explorer" to the violent and often vulgar "Jackass." Like others on iTunes, the programs will cost $1.99 each.
01/26/2006 Can video iPod lead to DMCA Reform?
Interesting perspective piece about potential reforms:

Apple Computer's video iPod may not be the first portable movie player, but it is by far the best.

The one serious flaw in this svelte little device is how difficult it is to load with video. Apple's otherwise handy iTunes application flatly refuses to transfer a legally purchased DVD to the iPod.

Don't blame Apple for this glaring oversight. You can thank our esteemed public servants in Congress.

Complete Article
01/25/2006 Recording Applications
The website at MP3 Midi Software contains a variety of applications for manipulating and recording MP3 files. A lot of the software listed can be used for producing and managing podcasts. Have a look.
01/25/2006 iTunes Audience Growing
Online traffic generated by Apple's iTunes music store rose an eye-popping 241 percent in the past year, representing visits to the site by some 14 percent of the active U.S. Internet population, according to a recent research report.

Nielsen//NetRatings said that there were 20.7 million unique visits to the iTunes Web site in December 2005, skyrocketing from 6.1 million visits in December 2004.

01/23/2006 DCMA Tangles with DVD to iPod
IPods pre-loaded with video tread legal gray

A tiny Massachusetts company named TVMyPod is selling iPods that come with movies and TV programs already loaded on them, a practice that raises questions of legality as it addresses consumer demand for convenience and portability.

Customers choose any content currently available on a DVD and which iPod they want. TVMyPod then puts the content on the player and ships the original DVDs along with the iPod restored to its original packaging.

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01/20/2006 PodTranscript
PodTranscript transcribes podcasts from their website -

At we offer a complete solution to all your podcast transcription needs. We employ experienced human transcriptionists to do the job, simply because software or hardware solutions that translates audio to text is nowhere near to perfect. And we understand that an error in the text transcript of your podcast is simply not accceptable.

So you want to transcribe your podcast.

As of now, we are not offering any paid services. But you can contact us through the contact form provided on the website, telling us about your podcast and where it is located. We will transcribe (translate your podcast audio or video to text) it for free and send it back to you.

We will transcribe a 10 minute audio segment of your podcast without any charges whatsoever, yes, we mean it, this is totally free.

01/20/2006 Podcasts Teach English
Why spend your evenings in a classroom studying grammar and sentence structure when you can learn English simply by listening to your MP3 player?

That is the thinking behind a new program offered by a language training center in Shanghai, which is providing free podcasts of English discussions on its Website.

Some english professors in the city, however, say listening to a few foreigners speaking on the Internet or an MP3 player can't replace classroom teaching.

Ondemand training said it is the first language training center to use podcasting to teach.

01/20/2006 Apple Took the Hint
Apple got the message and now includes a warning with its
"MiniStore," telling subscribers that data will be sent back to
Apple, and they can turn off the feature if they don't want Apple to monitor their listening habits. Apple claims it doesn't keep any of the information it gathers.

Apple is hot in consumer electronics, but the company has left customers' privacy rights in the cold. The latest version of Apple's popular iTunes music service included a pane that listed artists and their CDs based on what a person played from his music library. In order to provide the feature, Apple had to grab information on a subscriber's listening habits.

The problem is Apple didn't make it clear that it was gathering the data, which, observers say, included the Apple subscriber ID that's tied to their credit card, mother's maiden name and other personal information.
01/18/2006 Podcasting Graphics
Adopt one of these Podcasting Graphics to denote your podcast. The various colors allow users to utilize colors that match their websites color schemes.

Alternately users can create their own custom button with this cool free online button generator.
01/18/2006 New Podcasting Ad Network
Kiptronic, a leading ad network for the podcasting industry, today announced the introduction of the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace. The Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace represents a dynamic new way for podcasters to connect with advertisers in an open marketplace.

Kiptronic's patent pending ad insertion technology allows the podcasting community to add sponsorships to their content at their pace while providing advertisers with a central exchange where they can connect with the topical podcasts they're interested in. The Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace provides an open approach to developing sponsorship programs that allows the podcaster to stay in control of their content and what type of advertising runs on their podcasts.

01/17/2006 Podcasting Living the Faith
Unitarian Universalist churches broadcast sermons for the subway, coffee break, and gym.

There’s no escaping church now with sermons available for iPods and other MP3 players.

The Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd was less than a year into her first called ministry in the fall of 2004 when the congregation’s webmaster introduced her to a new term––podcasting.

Complete Article

01/17/2006 Bring Emotion to Marketing
I clipped the following from an article about podcasting as its quite pertinent.

"The power to be able to express emotion and bring personality to your marketing communication can be very powerful. From public relation, customer relationship management, name branding, to generating leads and sales, all can be done through the same medium, but more powerful than the traditional text based communication."
01/17/2006 Smart Fabric Used to Create iPod Jackets
ElekTex, a unique five-layer laminate of electrically conductive materials that transforms fabric into an electronic touchpad, is being used in Kenpo's Jacket for iPod.

The jacket features a 5-button switch sensor with multiple capabilities including Play/Pause, Track Forward, Track Back, Volume Up and Volume Down. This self-powered system requires no batteries and supports all iPod and iPod mini models. The jacket is machine washable and dry cleanable when the iPod and iPod connector are removed.

According to the fabric manufacturer, fabric technology replaces hard touch pads, flexi-circuits and polymer switches that have limited the growth of the wearable electronics market.

Complete Article
01/16/2006 Privacy Hackles Up About New iTunes
A new version of Apple Computer's popular iTunes software, released Tuesday, is drawing barbs from privacy advocates for sending information about computer users' playlists back to Apple.

The new music software includes a "MiniStore" window, which provides recommended links to Apple's music download service when a listener actively clicks on a song in their personal playlist, including songs that haven't been purchased from the iTunes store.

Complete Article
01/16/2006 Mobile Me in The Future
Apple Computer Inc. has filed to trademark the phrase "Mobile Me" for use in a wide range of businesses, furthering speculation it could introduce an iPod phone.
01/13/2006 Pod Magazine
Apparently, there is a POD magazine coming soon from the folks at podomatic.
01/12/2006 Levi Strauss Debuts iPod-ready Jeans
Denim giant Levi Strauss said Tuesday it had designed jeans compatible with the iPod music player, featuring a joystick in the watch pocket to operate the device.

The Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans for men and women, which will be available this fall, also have a built-in docking cradle for the iPod and retractable headphones. Pricing was not immediately available.

Complete Article
01/11/2006 Live, from iTunes, it's Saturday Night
Newspaper reports Apple will offer archived snippets of the sketch comedy show for $1.99 each.

Apple Computer is set to announce Tuesday that it will offer a limited number of "Saturday Night Live" skits on its iTunes Music Store for viewing on video iPods or personal computers, according to a published report.

The New York Times said the company will sell the archived skits of the NBC Universal show for $1.99 each.
01/10/2006 Apple Sues To Save Its iPod
With Apple set to introduce new media distribution technology at next week's Macworld Conference, the company on Wednesday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Inc. to protect its burgeoning digital content delivery and iPod empire.

" approached Apple claiming that some of our products violate their patents. But we don't agree," an Apple spokeswoman said in a prepared statement. "Unfortunately, we've been unable to resolve the disagreement with Burst directly. So we've asked the court to decide."

Complete Article

01/09/2006 Holocaust Museum Launches Podcast
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum will podcast commentaries on genocide.

“Programs will provide the latest information on global humanitarian crises, from the genocide in Darfur to ongoing efforts to address genocide worldwide,” said Jerry Fowler, director of the museum’s committee on conscience, who will host the podcasts. “We hope people will not only access these broadcasts, but join us in our fight against genocide.” Programs may be streamed from Podcasting is recording and distributing audio files that recipients can listen to on iPods and other devices that play digital audio recordings.
01/09/2006 Podcasts Damage Hearing?
Who guitarist Pete Townshend warns iPod users that listening to music through earphones could make them deaf.

Townshend's own hearing has been irreversibly damaged, which the rocker attributes to years of using studio headphones. Townshend says that he must now take 36-hour breaks between recording sessions to allow his ears to recover.

01/09/2006 VideoCasting
Yahoo! Podcasts now supports feeds with video content, or videocasts. You can add a video series to your personal subscriptions, tag a vidcast, as well as rate and review videocasts.
01/06/2006 Urge - In challenge to iTunes, Microsoft unveils music service and other entertainment plans.
Bill Gates aims to take over your living room and late Wednesday he unveiled a new music service and new software to do it.

Using an appearance with Justin Timberlake, the Microsoft chairman debuted a new music service, Urge, to directly compete with the iTunes music store and interface. Urge launches with over 2 million tracks for purchase or as part of an all-you-can eat subscription, an option the iTunes music store doesn't have. The offering will include exclusive material from MTV, though it will not be compatible with iPods, which are currently the most popular MP3 player.

01/05/2006 Podcasting: Transforming Middle Schoolers Into Middle Scholars
The 57 seventh-graders in Halderson’s classes are learning to create podcasts as a natural component of their interdisciplinary, thematic curriculum. They perform the same regular curricular functions as other students at the school, and gladly do the extra work necessary to produce their podcasts. It matters not whether the topic of learning is science, history, mathematics, language arts, or any combination thereof. Students become thorough researchers, then report their findings in a recorded audio format rather than merely as a written report. The students see themselves as broadcasters, and they get a thrill when their recordings are placed on the iTunes Music Store for anyone, anywhere in the world, to listen to on an iPod.

Complete Article
01/04/2006 Disney adds more shows for Apple's iTunes
The Walt Disney Co. is adding content from its ESPN channel and ABC sports to the shows it already sells on Apple Computer Inc.'s market-leading iTunes online music and video store.

Walt Disney said on Tuesday that the content will include condensed versions of all four U.S. Bowl Championship Series college football games this season, as well as content from ABC Entertainment, Touchstone Television, ABC Family, ABC News, Buena Vista Television, the Disney Channel and SOAPnet.
01/03/2006 iTunes and MediaRSS Details
FeedForAll launched a namespace directory. The namespace directory includes details on the iTunes namespace extension and Yahoo's Media RSS.for podcasting.

This is a great attempt at tracking namespaces as they emerge.
01/03/2006 Binghamton University Adopts Podcasting
Binghamton University has been talking about podcasting for the past year, said James Wolf, director of academic computing services.

The technology could give professors a way to store classroom lectures, one of the more popular uses of podcasting.

And students could catch up on notes with the click of a computer mouse.

"We are very committed to researching new technologies to leverage their potential to see how can we use them to support teaching and learning," said Susan Currie, the university's associate director of public services.

In 2004, Duke University gave free iPods to incoming freshmen as an initiative to increase technology in the classroom.
01/02/2006 Podcasts Recruiting Christians - Church Attendance is Up
Church leaders say internet downloads, as well as podcasts have encouraged more people to attend church services. Online sermons from the Bridge Chapel Christian church in Liverpool have led to a surge in worshippers attending in person, according to a report from the Daily Post.
01/02/2006 Librarian Hopes To Attract Teens Via Radio Podcasting
the Cheshire Public Library is jumping on the pod bandwagon.
Starting in January, the new and improved section of the teen library is developing brand new programming to entice teens and young adults to spend their time at a place notoriously known for quiet time and novel reading. Podcasts is just one program to harness in a group of young adults that has been neglected, nationally, in the public library sector.

Sarah Morgan started at the Cheshire Public Library in August and has taken the new position of teen librarian. Her focus is on teens and young adults and she is trying to broaden not only the teen book collection but the programming as well. With the surge in technology over the past 10 years, she caught wind of the interest teens show in new technologies and thought Podcasting would be a great way to attract the young adults.

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