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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

07/29/2006 Delayed Digital Releases Annoy iTunes Users
Growing numbers of fans are protesting online when labels delay the digital release of hit radio singles. But these consumer complaints are doing little to stop record companies from deferring the availability of downloads.

Delayed Digital Releases
07/29/2006 Podcasts That are Malformed
Todd Cochrane recently released statistics that relate to the nominee slate for the 2006 People's Choice Podcast Awards. Todd pointed out that the overall quality of the RSS feeds for podcasts that were nominated was surprisingly poor.To support this he provided statistics about the nominations he received:

78% of the submissions had invalid feeds, according to
Of the remaining feeds, 96% had glaring errors.
42% did not have an RSS feed button on their home page.
26% did not have a link to the file in their show notes.
21% had less than 2 lines of show notes.
Some feeds were huge, as big as 500K and 367 entries.
Only 49% of the submissions provide a way to contact the podcaster.
200 of the submissions that called themselves podcasts had no podcast feeds.

If you have a podcast use software to create the podcast and avoid being a statistic!
07/28/2006 Videocasting Station
Apparently the link to videocasting station was not apparent in the last post, so I've received emails requesting that I post the URL for the new videcast directory. Sorry about that !
07/27/2006 New Videocasting Directory
A new directory specifically for videocasts (also called vodcasts) has been launched.Videocasting Station is a categorized directory that is also searchable using keywords.
07/27/2006 Questioning Online Credibility
The vast majority of research conducted today uses the Internet as a primary source. It is critical that the data being collected online is an accurate reflection of facts and is not merely conjecture, opinion, or old information.

Questioning Online Credibility
07/24/2006 New Podcasting Directory from Dave Winer
Dave Winer has  announced that he is launching a  new directory initiative for the podcasting community.  It looks like he will be using the opml format to make  and manage the directory.  

The new directory unfortunately I cannot figure out how to add content. It looks like a wiki...

With Dave behind it there is no doubt that it will attract attention and I do think podcasting directories require more structure but I am a bit lost at this point.
07/25/2006 New Podcast Creation Tool
FeedForAll Mac is software that allows publishers and webmasters to create, edit and publish: RSS feeds, podcasts and videocasts.

FeedForAll Mac fully supports and integrates Apple iTunes extensions, as well as a host of other popular namespaces, effectively assisting publishers that wish to create iTunes and MediaRSS compatible podcasts. The new integrated namespace support for all RSS namespaces makes RSS feed expansion a snap.

Additionally, FeedForAll Mac's new release supports unified publishing, making it easy for publishers to upload files along with their RSS feed, podcast or videocast.

FeedForAll Mac also has the ability to create an OPML list or blogroll of feeds. This makes managing multiple feeds effortless. Importing existing RSS feeds has never been easier with a new advanced import feature that results in publishers having greater control over their imported items.

FeedForAll Mac can be used to create and maintain an unlimited number of RSS feeds and podcasts, enabling users to flawlessly maintain and distribute multiple content streams simultaneously.
07/24/2006 Podcast Peer Awards Nominations Open
Podcast Peer Awards are now in the process of nominating podcasts for the first Podcast Peer Awards. Voting on nominees will finish on August 31, EST, when up to five finalists will be selected for each category.
07/24/2006 Dallas Fortworth Airport Podcasting
DFW Airport officials on Thursday announced a series of free podcasts in English and Spanish to provide travelers with information about parking, restaurants and shopping.

The podcasts, available in audio and video formats, can be downloaded at the airport's Web site or via Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store.
07/24/2006 9 Million Adults Listened to Podcasts
The report, "The Economics of Podcasting", found that more than 6 per cent of US adults, or nearly 9m web users, have downloaded at least one podcast in the last month. Of those, about 10 per cent are "heavy users", downloading eight or more podcasts weekly. Most podcast listeners download between one and three shows per week.

These findings, issued on Thursday, closely mirror another Nielsen report released July 12, which found that 6.6 per cent of the US adult online population, or 9.2m people, have downloaded at least one audio podcast in the last month. That study was conducted by Nielsen/NetRatings.

07/23/2006 Podcasting Politicians
The Rise of Podcasting Politicians:

The LA Times predicts that the 2008 election will feature the rise of Podcasting Politicians, as strategists from both parties try to ride the latest trends to secure a victory in 2008. 'You'll not only be able to text people with messages, you'll be able to raise money, deliver video, audio, create viral organizing -- where one person sees something really interesting and it gets passed on and on,' says Donnie Fowler, a Democratic strategist.

This already happened many of the previous candidates had podcasts including John Edwards.
07/21/2006 PodTech Buys Geek TV
PodTech, a social media company dedicated to podcasting and delivering Fresh Voices worldwide, formally announced the acquisition of Geek Entertainment TV (GETV).
07/21/2006 Videocasting Playing Well on Campus
Along with packing instant noodles, extra-long bedsheets and photos of loved ones before heading to college in a few weeks, U.S. students may consider adding portable media players to their higher-education lists. Boston-area universities are among those increasingly integrating podcasting into the classroom technology mix.

“We leapfrogged the whole audio podcast and decided to go directly into video podcasts,” said Larry Gallagher, director, MIT video productions and digital technologies and distance education delivery.

Complete Article
07/19/2006 Staggering Statistics
Nearly 10 million people have downloaded podcasts.

Nielson reported that 6.6%, or 9.2 million of the U.S. adult online population, have downloaded an audio podcast recently. As far as video podcasts, 4%, or 5.6 million, claim to have recently downloaded one.

The demographic found to most likely download an audio podcast is between 18 and 24 years of age. Those 25-34 years old are more likely to download a video podcast.
07/19/2006 Computer Outlook Podcast
Computer Outlook is a talk show about computers without speaking in computer language. The show is broadcast 5:00-6:00 PST monday through friday.

Last evening John, the show's host interviewed FeedForAll and discussed podcasting.
07/19/2006 China Radio Podcasting
China's only overseas broadcaster, China Radio International, has successfully launched its own podcast website.

The address is China's first podcast website run by a professional radio station. It now provides services in four languages: Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.
07/18/2006 Association of Poetry Podcasting
A new organization specifically for podcasting poets!
Association of Poetry Podcasting
07/11/2006 New iTunes Categories
Developers of podcasting and feed creation tools are scrambling to implement the new iTunes categories. The latest release comes from FeedForAll who have just released a new version of FeedForAll Mac that includes support for the new Apple iTunes categories..
07/11/2006 Podcasts for B-to-B
Podcasts seemingly appeared out of nowhere last year, and now, somewhat belatedly, some of the first research about their adoption-particularly in the b-to-b sector-is beginning to appear as well.

Last year, Pew Research counted more than 6 million podcast users. Bloggers and others criticized that number as too high. At around the same time, Forrester Research predicted the number of podcast users by the end of 2006 will be around 700,000, a number criticized as too low.

Complete Article
07/11/2006 Britain Takes Stand on Music Site
An effort to shut down the popular music-download site, which sells songs for a fraction of the prices charged by iTunes and other online outlets, got a big boost when a British court ruled to allow a lawsuit against the Russian operation to move forward.
07/10/2006 Podcasting Tutorial
The following is a step by step tutorial that explains how to setup your podcast.
07/10/2006 EU to Control Podcasters
Lord Currie, the chairman of Ofcom, hit out yesterday at European Commission proposals that could lead to regulation of podcasting, saying that the market was too diverse for tighter controls.

Speaking at the Radio Festival in Cambridge, Lord Currie was one of a panel that also included Ralph Bernard, chief executive of GCap, Andy Duncan, chief executive of Channel 4, and Jenny Abramsky, the director of BBC Radio

Complete Article

07/10/2006 HiJacking Podcasts
Nearly all of the podcasting sites out there today, respect Podcasters and their intellectual property to include, their branding, RSS feeds, direct links to there content, and everything else associated with publishing content on line.

Over the past 18 months we have had one or two circumstances where podcasting sites were not being respectful, and through community pressure corrected their mistakes, these mistakes could have been chalked up to inexperience and nativity. Since then I have been included on multiple site launches, and provided feedback to those that were building sites, and have been through 4 podcast property launches of our own we always stress integrity of the podcasters RSS feed.

Hijacking Podcasts
07/09/2006 Podcasting Helps Avoid Road Construction
As the Tyler area continues to grow and traffic congestion with it, a service to help make drivers aware of potential construction delays was unveiled last week by the Tyler District of the Texas Department of Transportation. Its new weekly podcast is intended to keep motorists informed about TxDOT projects and programs on a weekly basis.
07/08/2006 Companies Tap Podcast Buzz To Sell Contact Lenses, Appliances
On one of their recent podcasts, high school seniors Heather and Jonelle bantered about guys, music and whether it's acceptable to wear sweatpants to class. Heather also announced that she broke up with her boyfriend because they were "total opposites."

Right after a segment on the "hottie of the week" (a student named Harry, who plays the saxophone and likes "any girl with a great personality"), Heather paused before announcing: "Here's a big shout-out to our sponsor: Acuvue brand contact lenses." Heather noted that Acuvue is offering a free trial pair of contact lenses, "while supplies last."

Complete Article
07/07/2006 Podcasting Station
Tune your dial to the Podcasting Station to locate podcasts. The Podcasting Station is a searchable podcast directory that categorizes podcasts by topic.
07/07/2006 Nifty Surveys Listeners
The company surveyed 3,449 people who subscribe to its podcasting portal, Podcasting Juice. The results show that the majority of users are men in their 30s. Of those, 30% earn 6 million yen ($52,000) or more annually, and more than 50% live in the Kanto area.

About 40% of respondents subscribe to more than five programs, and 70% use podcasting programs daily or almost daily.

Furthermore, about 40% listen to or view programs for more than 30 minutes per day. About 30% use RSS readers, an indication that their net literacy is higher than that of average PC users.

In addition, about 50% of the respondents subscribe to a music download service
07/07/2006 Colonial Williamsburg Podcasting
Thomas Jefferson isn't about to start listening to an iPod, with telltale earbud wires dangling from under his three-cornered hat as he walks the streets of Colonial Williamsburg.

But people far from the restored 18th-century capital of Virginia can use their portable audio players to hear costumed interpreter Bill Barker talk about portraying Jefferson or, in honor of the Fourth of July holiday, read the Declaration of Independence.

The world's largest living history museum long has used modern media to share its stories with audiences far beyond its 301-acre Historic Area, dating back to before World War II when it produced an educational film for schools.

Complete Article
07/06/2006 Blair Echos Podcasting
Tony Blair has helped The Northern Echo launch its new podcasting service, with an exclusive recording for the paper.

The Prime Minister took time out of his busy itinerary during a visit to the Butterwick Hospice, in Stockton, to record a special message for the Echo's new service.

In an exclusive interview with The Northern Echo's political editor Chris Lloyd, the PM said he was delighted to be asked to make the first recording.
07/06/2006 Womens Podcasting Expo
The seminar schedule for the online Women's Podcasting Expo, July 14-16, 2006 is now available. Over 25 experts in Women's Issues, Business and Online Media will present over 30 seminars and podcasts.

06/29/2006 Pluggd New Podcast Directory
Pluggd is a new podcast directory and while it doesn't have categories it does have tagging.

Pluggd also allows for podcast submissions and joins the list at: Podcast Submissions
06/28/2006 Educational Podcasts
Short list of educational institutions who are podcasting.

Though it isn't anything new, there are several prominent schools offering podcasts of their classes. I've been listening to several while at work; have found several very informative and entertaining. I decided to compile a list of educational podcasts from universities.
06/27/2006 Boston Mayor Podcasts
Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino is plugged in and podcasting.

The city's first podcast is now available on its website, featuring the sounds of local group Four Peace laying down an antiviolence rap before Menino launches into a press conference about his gun-buyback program.

Officials are planning regular installments of digital audio that could include bits on city housing programs and information on summer jobs. They envision reaching people with downloadable segments of the mayor and other officials talking about city initiatives.
06/27/2006 Podcasting Predictions
While it is a little early for technology predictions for 2007, it appears others are making podcasting predictions.

According to Bill Flitter, founder and vice president of marketing at Pheedo, a darn-near perfect storm of RSS developments will hit the market and gel in Q1 of 2007 to allow B2B podcasting to mature in terms of audience reach, measurement, and value. That in turn will drive more companies to create better, more useful podcast content that will get that big old virtuous adoption pattern churning along.

Complete Article
06/26/2006 Podcasters Upset Over Proposed Rules
The UK is backing a controversial new broadcasting treaty that opponents say gives big media companies new rights over content.

Intellectual property campaigners and podcasters oppose the new treaty. They claim that it puts more control over content in the hands of big business.

The treaty is the subject of discussions in Barcelona today at a conference organised by UN Agency WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation). Opponents say the conference was called too quickly – just eight days ago – for dissenting voices to be able to take part. Even the supportive UK Patents Office told OUT-LAW that it had received its invitation too late to attend.

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