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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

03/29/2006 Radio Disney
Radio Disney plans to offer free, ad-supported podcasts that target 6-to-14 year-old children.

Starting in June, Radio Disney will insert ads into its weekly podcasts over periods such as a month. Video-game maker THQ is among the first to sign on.
03/29/2006 MovieMail is Now Podcasting
Every 2 weeks, MovieMail’s Graeme Hobbs takes a look at a couple of significant DVD releases, providing an informative appraisal of the films in question.
03/28/2006 Podcast Articles
Interested in learning more about podcasting? Be sure to read these podcasting articles to stay abreast of the latest trends.
03/28/2006 Podzinger Searches Video Feeds
Podzinger launehed a new service. They claim that they are now able to search both audio and video podcasts. It claims to allow users to search each and every word of the audio segments of a video podcast.
03/27/2006 Locating Podcasts on ITMS
Search podcasts by popularity
Of course, before you subscribe, you’ll want to find podcasts that appeal to your interests. And you have several ways of tracking them down. For example, you can tell iTunes to find them for you. Although you could use the iTunes search box in the upper right-hand corner of the jukebox window, iTunes provides a search window specifically for podcasts in the left column. You can use it to search by podcast title, podcast authors, or by all podcasts.

03/27/2006 Apple Turns 30
Apple's journey began in 1976 when two college dropouts — Jobs, a marketing whiz, and his friend Steve Wozniak, an engineering genius — filed partnership papers on April Fools' Day, their eyes set on building and selling personal computers. Another friend, Ron Wayne, opted out of the risky venture within two weeks.

Apple Turns 30
03/27/2006 Fitness Podcasts
Personal trainer Mike Causadias runs non-stop, working with clients across southern Florida.

However, Causadias recently learned how to extend his reach. Now, fitness buffs all over the country -- and the world -- can work out with him.

They just download his weekly podcast, an energetic mix of strength-building exercises and workout tips.

This is not a new phenomenon, Mike's podcast is one of many that stress fitness and working out. Making a workouts  and fitness portable.

03/27/2006 PODs New Meaning
POD = Portable on Demand to some

Although it's easy to understand why many people mistakenly believe podcasts are strictly associated with Apple's  wildly popular iPod, they are actually homespun broadcasts that can be listened to on any portable digital music player, including iPod.
03/23/2006 People Like Economic and Market Forecast Podcasts
The Business Review reports that McDonald Investments, the private banking and investment arm of KeyCorp, has begun podcasting market insights and investment advice from John Caldwell, its chief strategist.

The podcast had a soft launch in January, with the first of three episodes featuring economic commentary, stock picks and market forecasts. Since then, more than 10,000 people have listened to or downloaded the free report.

I guess their soft launch worked!
03/22/2006 French Taking Charge
The French parliament is set to vote early this week on a new law that would allow consumers to legally circumvent existing software that protects copyrighted material.

Analysts say the French are on to something that the rest of the world has yet to figure out: It needs to set rules for this new market now or risk one or two U.S. companies taking control of online access to music, video and TV.

Complete Article
03/20/2006 France Makes Life Difficult for Apple
Apple Computer Inc. faces a serious challenge in France as lawmakers move to sever the umbilical cord between its iPod music player and iTunes online store — threatening its lucrative hold on both markets.

Amendments to an online copyright bill, adopted early Friday, would give rivals access to the hitherto-exclusive file formats at the heart of Apple's music business model as well as Sony Corp's Walkman players and Connect store.
03/20/2006 RealNetworks Loosing Ground to iPods
Apple Computer's iTunes music player is steadily gaining on RealNetworks's RealPlayer in number of users, a market research firm said Friday.

While the number of RealPlayer users has remained about the same for the last three years, iTunes's user base has more than tripled from 2005 to 2006, Nielsen/NetRatings said.
03/19/2006 iPod in Exchange for Privacy
The big business of renting, selling and buying personal information about netizens was put on notice this week by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in a high-profile case that exposed shady privacy practices and the dubious value of the once-promising Truste "privacy seal."

Spitzer announced Monday that e-mail marketing giant Datran Media had agreed to a $1.1 million fine for knowingly buying marketing lists from companies with privacy policies that promised not to sell or transfer the lists to a third party.

Datran's biggest purchase, according to the text of the settlement, was a list of 7.2 million Americans' names, e-mail addresses, home phone numbers and street addresses from Gratis Internet, a company best known for promising free iPods, televisions and DVDs to users willing to sign up for promotions offered by partners such as Citibank, Blockbuster and BMG's music club.

03/17/2006 Podcasting from a Pocket PC
AcroDesign Technologies has released the AudioBay Podcasting application for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. The program provides everything needed to publish a podcast from a Pocket PC. Within a few minutes, users can record a podcast episode using the Pocket PC’s built-in recorder and upload it to the Web over a wireless Internet connection for immediate access by the public.
03/17/2006 PodTech Raises Venture Capital
PodTech Receives $5.5 Million in Series A Funding from US Venture Partners and Venrock Associates

PodTech.Network, Inc., announced today that it has received $5.5 million in Series A funding. PodTech started as a single podcast, InfoTalk.

In the past few months PodTech has innovated and expanded the InfoTalk model to include a new set of podcast media offerings. With this financing announcement, PodTech is launching the following media properties:

• PodTech News: Dedicated independent podcasting news team
• PodTech InfoTalk Network: Dedicated set of PodTech original and 3rd party podcasting content
• PodTech Sponsorship Network: Aggregated set of sponsors and paid content

03/16/2006 New RSS Scripts Directory for Managing Podcasts
A new RSS Scripts Directory has been launched. The RSS Scripts Directory contains helpful scripts for managing, manipulating and converting RSS feeds. The intent of the the RSS Scripts Directory is to help users fully realize the potential and functionality of the RSS specification.

NotePage's FeedForAll division has developed a collection of tools to assist publishers interested in syndication. Current scripts contained in the directory include RSS Cache, FutureRSS, and RSSmesh. The RSS Cache script module expedites the retrieval and conversion of RSS feeds into html web pages. The FutureRSS script enables webmasters to prepare content for their RSS feeds in advance, and have it automatically appear at the desired date and time. The RSSmesh script allows for multiple RSS feeds to be merged into a single RSS feed. All of the scripts dynamically manipulate the RSS feeds, so all management occurs in realtime.
03/15/2006 says Podcasting is a Marketing Tool
Barely two years old, podcasting is becoming a popular marketing tool among businesses of all sizes, says, The Wall Street Journal's guide for entrepreneurs.
03/13/2006 50 Million Listeners?
eMarketer's Mike Chapman explains why early adopters listen to podcasts, and he projects that the podcasting audience will hit 50 million by 2010.

Joining the podcast audience requires confident use of an iPod or MP3 player, as well as ease with the process of downloading syndicated digital content from the internet (although podcasts can be listened to and watched on a computer with an internet connection, it's their portability that attracts users). This will remain a constraint on audience size even though the number of consumers who meet these requirements will inevitably grow over the next few years.

The extent of immediate comfort with the technology involved is not, however, the only factor that will determine the popularity of podcasting. Consumers have repeatedly shown that they can quickly overcome perceived technical issues in order to obtain a product or service that better meets their needs. Podcasting meets an important and proven consumer preference: it allows users to choose when and where they "consume" their entertainment or information.
03/13/2006 Healthcare Education Takes a Step Forward with Podcasting and VideoCasting
Thoracic Surgeon Grayson Wheatley created the first of it’s kind website for the Arizona Heart Institute.

"I think we're the only institution that has video programs freely available without subscription that anyone can access outside of the hospital or even when you're a patient here at our clinic," Dr. Wheatley said.

It’s a concept patients are excited about.
03/12/2006 Apple iTunes To Sell Monthly TV Show Subscription
Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes music and video store on Wednesday took its first step toward a monthly subscription model with a new service called Multi-Pass that lets users buy TV shows on a monthly basis.

The service is being launched by iTunes in partnership with Viacom Inc.'s Comedy Central cable network, which is rolling out "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" on the service.

Fans will be able to buy the next month's series of 16 new episodes via Multi-Pass for $9.99, or to pay $1.99 per episode. Four episodes air each week and viewers can download each episode after it's been broadcast.
03/10/2006 Search Engine Optimization for Podcasts
Search Engine Watch has this article about optimizing podcasts for Search Engines. This statement however baffles me:

Build correct and valid feeds. "Validate your feeds with feed validator tools," said Watlington. "Remember that iTunes does not redistribute. So you must build a separate feed for iTunes. I like to promote doing 3 separate feeds: a 2.0 feed, a media feed, and an iTunes feed."

Why would you need separate feeds? iTunes and MediaRSS are namespace extensions that can be included in an RSS 2.0 feed, only a single feed with both namespaces included is all that is needed. Why over complicate things, with 3 separate feeds?
03/07/2006 Tower Records Introduces Podcasts
Tower Records is set to launch a new podcast initiative under the name "TowerPod." It is set to be unveiled at SXSW in Austin, TX later this month, with an official launch in the summer. TowerPod will let individuals create podcasts using a library of 6,000 songs for free. The music will come from independent artists and labels, with revenue from embedded ads in the podcasts. Ad dollars will be split between Tower, the labels, the artists and the podcast creators.
03/06/2006 Amex Extending Podcasts
American Express is planning to expand its podcasting services, based on success of a recent Winter Olympic podcast. The company said almost one in four visitors to its dedicated Winter Olympics microsite downloaded a podcast featuring a guide to the host city Turin.

The company said the success of the Turin podcast could lead to similar projects to link customers with shops, restaurants and other facilities.
03/06/2006 Contemporary Art Education Through Podcast
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT) has introduced a free podcasting service so visitors can listen to the museum's audio guide on their iPods.

The current guide is for the No Borders exhibition of seven young artists specializing in Japanese traditional arts, on at the museum until March 26. The audio guide contains comments from the curator in charge of the exhibition and the participating artists.
03/06/2006 Podcasting Worth Millions but Not Yet Mainstream
Podcasting has a long ways to go before it becomes a mainstream medium, but is poised to grow exponentially through the end of the current decade and will increasingly become an attractive outlet for advertisers, says a new report from eMarketer.

By 2008, podcast advertising should reach $150 million, approaching $300 million by 2010, according to the report.

Currently, despite all the hype surrounding the nascent medium, eMarketer estimates that just 3 million Americans are active podcast listeners, and a total of 10 million people have ever downloaded a podcast to date.

And advertising on podcasts, "is in its infancy to put it mildly," says Mike Chapman, eMarketer editorial director, who authored the report. "Podcasting is not set to become a new mass-market venue, at least for the next half decade. By way of comparison, U.S. broadcast radio still reaches close to 200 million Americans," he said.

However, the number of podcast listeners is expected to skyrocket over the next four years, reaching 50 million total listeners by 2010, with 15 million or so listeners being described as active - i.e. downloading podcasts on a weekly basis.

Complete Article
03/01/2006 What Could Go Wrong With Podcasting
Predicting podcasting's future as a promotional vehicle can make you feel like a hurricane forecaster. Consider what has happened since podcasting first appeared on media planners' radar screens June 29, 2005, when Apple added podcasting to its iTunes Music Store. In the three months following, more than 7 million podcasts were downloaded from this one aggregator.

As planners tracked the gathering winds, they saw that beginning with the 2006 model year 30 percent of new U.S. cars would be wired for iPods -- and so, podcasting. They then watched as AOL launched a podcast aggregator to the 100 million unique visitors to its network of Web properties in September. The Guinness Book of Records noted recently that "The Ricky Gervais Show" was averaging more than 250,000 downloads a week.

These numbers show why many seers have concluded that podcasting will make landfall as a Category 5 cultural phenomenon ...

Complete Article
03/01/2006 Podcasting could give newspapers angle they need to tap new readers
The challenge for newspapers is not just to demonstrate involvement in a hip new medium, but also to create content in that medium that has a greater likelihood of connecting with its youthful audience.

Some people say podcasting was never much new beyond the experienced format of radio and the already established phenomenon of weblogs.

Complete Article

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