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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

04/30/2007 Podcast Basics
Podcasting, in its simplest form, is audio that can be downloaded to a computer or portable media player and listened to at a later time. There are two major components of a podcast, the audio file and the RSS file. Most podcast audio segments are compressed MP3 files.

podcast basics
04/30/2007 iPod Ban
Digital media players are being targeted by schools as potential cheating devices used by students. According to the article here, banning the players might be somewhat of a national trend even though using the devices to cheat is nothing new. The article mentions at the end that Duke University in North Carolina distributed iPods as part of the Duke Digital Initiative program. There are 'iPod office hours' where students can have their questions answered about how they can use their iPod as creative project material. The executive director Tim Dodd of the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke stated, "Trying to fight the technology without a dialogue on values and expectations is a losing battle."

complete article
04/26/2007 Amazon to Sell Unprotected Music Files
Sources in the London Times say Amazon has approached all the major labels "in the past fortnight" and stated its desire to launch an online music store by May. The Times said the store would offer "unprotected MP3s."

complete article
04/24/2007 Easy Software for Podcasters
If you are looking for software to handle audio recording and editing, look no further! Give RecordForAll a try. It is super easy to use and is really pretty slick.

Features allow for:
audio importing
audio recording
built-in noise filtering
easy editing
layering of sounds
volume scaling
synchronize and sequence clips
effortless publishing

A free RecordForAll trial version is available for download.
04/21/2007 Where To Locate PodSafe Music
Nothing really polishes a podcast more than background music or theme music. In the music world, these music segments are referred to as intros and extros. While many enjoy streaming Internet Audio and recording songs they like over the Internet, these songs cannot legally be used in a podcast.

Where to Locate Podsafe Music?
04/20/2007 Internet Radio is Struggling Against Fees
A panel of judges at the Copyright Royalty Board has denied a request from the NPR and a number of other webcasters to reconsider a March ruling that would force Internet radio services to pay crippling royalties.

The ruling is a huge blow to online broadcasters, and the new royalty structure could knock a large number of them off the 'Net entirely'.

complete article
04/19/2007 iTunes Movies Dropping Off? - Hold the Video
New figures released by Apple suggest that demand for its iTunes movie download offerings is fading.

Initial demand for downloaded movies from iTunes was strong, with Apple saying 1.3 million films were downloaded by 2 February of this year. But new figures show that, almost three months afterwards, only around 700,000 additional films have been sold.

complete article
04/18/2007 Imus Podcast
I wonder how popular a podcast by Don Imus would be? The internet airwaves are not controlled or regulated. Satelite radio facing a merger are gun-shy to touch a topic that would sure to bring more controversy. Could podcasting be a solution for Don Imus?
04/17/2007 Corporate Podcasting Summit
Presentations from the European Corporate Podcasting Summit have been posted.
04/17/2007 Blogger and Podcaster Magazine
A new magazine Blogger and Podcaster for "aspiring new media titans" has been launched.
04/16/2007 Nominate Your Favorite Podcast Blog
The Bloggers Choice Awards are accepting nominations. Nominate your  Favorite Podcasting Blog (hint, hint).
04/16/2007 iPods for Every Child
Two Michigan lawmakers who support a plan to spend millions of state tax dollars order to buy an iPod for every child in the state may have flown to California thanks to Apple. The accusations raise questions as to whether the two lawmakers support the plan so heavily because they genuinely support it or whether it was due to the financial influence of Apple.

iPods for Every Child
04/12/2007 Podcasting 101
Online podcasting 101 guide.

Five key steps to creating podcasts

1. Revisit your PR plan
Does a podcast fit in with your messaging strategy? Do you have the time and resources to do this? No strategic fit, no resources = no podcast. Good strategic fit + resources = podcast.
04/10/2007 100 Million iPods
Apple reports that they have sold 100 million iPods.
04/10/2007 Apple iPod Virus
Massachusetts-based Internet security company, Kaspersky Lab recently found a virus designed to infect iPods. The company claims that this is the first iPod virus, but says we shouldn't worry about it too much. The Podloso virus can only affect iPods with Linux installed on them, and the virus can't automatically infect the popular digital audio player. The only way for Podloso to get on your iPod is if you install it.

Podloso will scan your iPod's hard drive and will affect .elf files. If you try to open these files, you'll just get a message on the screen that says, "You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus."
04/10/2007 Niche Podcast Websites
Just as their are niche search engines, niche feed directories there are also niche podcast directories.

While religion is one of the niches that dominate podcasts there are a number of religious podcast directories.

Additional there are educational podcasts , medical podcasts , political podcasts and sports podcasts.
04/03/2007 Free iPod Tutorial
Struggling with learning the features and functions of your new iPod? The iPod Tutorial is a good read and will help both noobs and experts alike.
04/03/2007 The White House Is Updated
The White House website has been updated and has prominently displayed:

White House Podcasts
White House RSS Feeds

Additional government feeds and podcasts can be found at Government Central
03/31/2007 Online Sermons a Hit
Lets take a look at the vertical communities in podcasting which is no more evident that it is in religious circles. The following portals are all dedicated to podcast preaching:

Religious Podcasts

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