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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

11/30/2006 Hollywood Takes on Apple
Four major studios, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros, are reported to be pressuring Apple Computer are pressing Apple to make changes to iTunes before they will agree to make their films available via the iTunes Store.Currently, content on iTunes can be synced to an unlimited number of iPods. The studios want Apple to limit the number of iPods that can be used by iTunes on a particular computer. Limiting the number of video iPods used by any one computer to four or five will, they believe, will limit illegal copying.

Complete Article
11/29/2006 RSS Quiz
Curious to see how much you really know about RSS? Take the RSS Quiz and test your knowledge.
11/28/2006 Political Podcasts
New  Political Podcasting Directory. Easily locate political podcasts and RSS feeds in the Political Feed directory. Categorized feeds and searchable using keywords.
11/28/2006 Large Universities Podcasting
Open Culture has put together this collection of University podcasts on iTunes.
11/28/2006 Catholic Podcasts are Not Rare
According to this article, "Fr. Tony's podcast is one of only a handful of Catholic podcasts on the internet."

I really do not know what they are talking about a quick search of Religious Podcasts shows a large number of catholic podcasts.
11/28/2006 Tucows and Creative Commons
Tucows, the Toronto based internet services and download site company, has just announced its pledge of $5,000 towards Creative Commons 2007 goal of 300,000.
11/27/2006 DMCA Exemptions
The newest list of exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is out, and the Register of Copyrights is recommending six exemptions this time around. If you've been hankering for the legal authority to remove Sony's rootkit or to unlock your cell phone, then this will be big news. If you were hoping for the ability to make backup copies of your legally purchased DVDs, you're (still) out of luck.

Complete Article
11/22/2006 Growing Podcasting Knowledgebase
The Podcasting Knowledgebase is growing into quite a robust collection of actionable podcast items. The list has become both a FAQ and collection of marketing tips for podcasters.
11/22/2006 Government Podcast Directory
A new RSS/Podcast directory specifically for government agencies has appeared on the landscape. Government Central, centralizes all RSS feeds from government (local, state and federal) agencies in an easy to navigate directory.

Government agencies are invited to submit their feeds.
11/22/2006 New Video Podcast Directory
A new video podcast directory termed vodstock has been launched. The new directory is similar to Videocasting Station and only includes video podcasts, in other words audio podcasts are not included.

Other video podcast directories can be found on the bottom of Submit Podcasts
11/21/2006 Nancy Pelosi is Podcasting
Nancy Pelosi is podcasting. There is a bit of a propoganda in the channel description:

Trapped in the car with a Rush Limbaugh fan? Are some rude passengers on the bus blasting "Best of Bill O'Reilly - Volume 3" from their boom box? Or worse yet, have you found yourself stuck at one of the President's staged town hall meetings on Social Security? Don't worry -- now you can listen to speeches, press conferences and radio addresses by House Democrats wherever and whenever you want. Drown out the clatter with news from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's Podcast. Go where you want -- and take the truth with you.
11/21/2006 MPAA to Sue for DMCA Violations
The Motion Picture Association of America has decided to sue another one of those DVD ripping and recording services. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)  makes it illegal to circumvent copy protection, even for fair use purposes. This means if you purchase a DVD of a movie and wish to watch it on your iPod you have to "repurchase" the movie.
11/20/2006 New Sports Feeds and Sports Podcast Directory
A new portal for Sports related RSS feeds and podcasts has been launched at Sports Feeds. The directory is categorized by sport and can also be searched using related keywords.

Feel free to submit additional sports podcasts.

Sports Feeds Directory
11/20/2006 ESPN Launches Local Podcasting
Disney's ESPN sports network announced on Monday the launch of a nationwide local podcasting network, which will feature a selection of local ESPN Radio programs.
11/20/2006 Denver International Airport Podcasts
Denver International Airport is introducing a new section on its Web site called "Sights and Sounds" where people can find podcasts..
11/20/2006 Collection of University Podcasts
This collection of University Podcasts are Lectures and Complete Courses at renowned institutions.
11/19/2006 iTunes Hack
At one time Music in the iTunes Music Store was only available for Apple iPod users.

But this could soon change -- because of a 22-year-old hacker who as a teen cracked the encryption on DVDs and now has developed a system compatible with Apple's "FairPlay" copyright technology that allows iTunes music to play on other devices and gives iPod users access to other music stores.

Complete Article
11/14/2006 A Quote About Staggering Podcast Growth
"Half of all Singapore youths 15 to 19 years old are blogging or podcasting on the internet, with the figure expected to grow further."

from: KhaleeTimes
11/14/2006 Kaiser Doctors Promote Health Using Podcasts
Four Kaiser doctors in Northern California are podcasting to their patients. Officials at Kaiser say if the patients like it, they'll expand the program.
11/14/2006 Use a AA Battery to Charge Your iPod
Voxred International's iTurbo offers an easy way to spring a comatose iPod back to life. Use a AA battery to sustain the life of your iPod. They say it was designed for iPods and are guaranteed not to harm your iPod. The iTurbo  will sell for $29.99 - $34.99 and includes one iTurbo, one adapter and one AA battery.
11/12/2006 Podlinez
Podlinez is a free service that lets you listen to podcasts on your phone. Enter the URL of the podcast you wish to hear and get a phone number you can call to hear it
11/09/2006 iTunes Latino Launches
Apple has launched iTunes Latino. Apple has continued its long tailed approach to building up an online music store. To compliment their ITMS they have recently announced a Latin store, to appeal to one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. This store will contain an endless supply of content, featuring Latin Music, music videos, television shows, audiobooks, and podcasts
11/09/2006 List of Top 10 Universities Using Technology
This is an interesting piece that commends universities and colleges for using technology as a teaching and instruction tool.  Topping the list: University of California Berkley,  Stanford University, University of Arizona and MIT.

Complete List
11/08/2006 Reports of iPhone
Reports this week of a deal between Apple Computer and Cingular, coupled with Apple's new speech-recognition patent, have rekindled rumors of the company developing the much talked about iPhone. Would the advent of such a device herald a subsequent launch of wireless podcasting?

Complete Article - Fact or Rumor?

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