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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

10/31/2006 Google AdSense for Audio Coming
According to GoogleWatch - Google plans to release Google AdSense for Audio to monetize podcasts sometime this quarter, according to sources.
10/27/2006 Libsyn is Sold
Wizzard Software announced today that it has agreed to acquire Libsyn, a podcast hosting service. The Libsyn network broadcasts over 42 million podcast downloads per month to at least 13 million people worldwide. In 2006 alone, Libsyn has had over 360 million audio and video podcast downloads.
10/27/2006 Google Will Not Tolerate Copyright Violations
Google has vowed to take a tough line on copyright when it completes its $1.65 billion takeover of YouTube.
10/26/2006 Police Podcasting
To keep the public informed about police and public safety issues, the Tulsa Oklahoma Police Department has begun posting podcasts on its Web site.

The first podcast, which lasts less than 5 1/2 minutes, is about recruiting, but officers say future podcasts will address personal safety and other police issues.
10/23/2006 Podcaster Con UK
PodcasterCon UK is planned for November 18th. Checkout the program.
10/23/2006 Medical Video Podcast
Denver Pediatric specialist Dr. Steven Rothenberg is taking his surgical techniques and sharing them with other doctors around the world, via medical video podcasts.

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10/20/2006 Podiobooks
Podiobooks are free serialized audio books, delivered on your schedule.

Podiobooks is a term coined by Evo Terra of The Dragon Page and Slice of Scifi to describe serialized audio books which are made available in podcast format.
10/19/2006 Apple Rolling in Dough
Global demand for the iPod music player and other Apple products helped the technology firm boost profits by 27% to $546m in the fourth quarter.
10/18/2006 iPod Shipped With Virus
Some of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod digital music players shipped in the past month carry a computer virus, according to a posting on Apple's technical support Web site.

Apple said since September 12, less than 1 percent of Video iPods -- pocket-sized devices that can play music files and video clips -- left its contract manufacturer carrying the virus RavMonE.exe, which affects computers running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system.

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10/18/2006 New Nature Podcast
A new nature podcast has been launched. They elude to the fact that educational facilities can rebroadcast that podcast as well.
10/17/2006 Religious Podcasts
Easily find religious podcasts by searching or navigating the religious podcasts directory.
10/15/2006 Red iPod Fights Aids
Apple said Friday that it had teamed up with U2 front man Bono to offer a special edition of the iPod Nano. However, unlike the full-size iPod that was designed for the band, this music player supports Bono's charity Red, which fights diseases in Africa, primarily AIDS.

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10/16/2006 Time Warner Spars With Google
Things are heating up quickly! Time Warner is addressing the copyright issues on YouTube.

Dick Parsons, the chairman and chief executive of Time Warner, fired a shot across the bows of Google, saying his group would pursue its copyright complaints against the video sharing site

Google paid $1.6bn for YouTube this week amid concerns that some of the fledgling website's 100m videos breached copyright rules. Time Warner, the media and entertainment group that owns the Warner Brothers movie studio, Time Inc magazines and the HBO TV channel, is one of several large media companies concerned about possibly illegal use of its material on YouTube.

YouTube Article
10/13/2006 Home on iPod
The "Home on iPod" that was slated for Panther has reappeared in a patent filing.

Ever thought you could carry your home in the palm of your hands or in your pocket? You can. Panther's Home on iPod feature lets you store your home directory - files, folders, apps - on your iPod (or any FireWire hard drive) and take it with you wherever you go," Apple had written in a blurb on its Panther preview website that was eventually removed.
10/12/2006 Advanced RSS2HTML Script
Dynamically build an index of feed items and a separate web page for each and every item in an RSS feed, using RSS2HTML Pro.  This RSS Script joins 5 other scripts in the RSS Scripts Directory and can be used for podcasts and RSS feeds.
10/10/2006 New Podcasting Stats
Niall Kennedy posted some new stats from Nielson regarding podcasting.

A study by Nielsen//NetRatings found 40% of Britons receive automatic news feeds to their browser or desktop but 69% had never heard of Really Simple Syndication. About 15% of the people surveyed have heard of an iPod but are not sure what it is.

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10/10/2006 RSS Knowledgebase and FAQ
If you enjoy the award winning Podcasting Knowledgebase (and feed) take a look at the RSS Knowledgebase (and feed). Its chock full of questions related to RSS and syndication.
10/10/2006 Large Educational Podcasting Initiative
Kansas State University announced today its use of Tegrity Campus to convert an unprecedented 6,000 recorded classes to enhanced podcasts. K-State plans to have all 6,000 class podcasts available to its students this year, making it by far the education realm's largest podcasting implementation worldwide.

Complete Article
10/09/2006 Keeping Podcasting Legal
There is a great piece for podcasters and legal concerns at:

Podcasters; Keeping it Legal

Here is an excerpt:

By asking particular questions, by encouraging interviewees to elaborate on particular topics, or, in more confrontational interviews, by provoking the interviewee to outbursts, podcasters could be seen as engaging in the affirmative creation of content. Under one interpretation of the law, podcasters could be held liable for interviewees' statements as if they were their own.
10/07/2006 Podcast Search Sharing Revenue
Podzinger, an audio and video search engine, was set Thursday to begin offering its podcasters and other content partners the option of making money off ads.

PodZinger will show 10- to 15-second audio or video ads that will run immediately before the content is played. PodZinger will split the ad revenue with the content creator. Content owners must sign up for the free service to have ads shown.
Advertising rates will vary depending on the ads, which will be relevant to the content, said Alex Laats, chief executive of PodZinger.

PodZinger uses speech recognition technology and natural language processing to make multimedia content full-text searchable, and it classifies its content based on topic and usage. The site currently makes money by displaying Google AdSense text-based ads.

PodZinger Shares Revenue
10/05/2006 How To Be Featured on iTunes
All of us want to receive top billing on iTunes lets face it, they have a huge distribution reach. Podcasting Tricks posts some tips on how to improve your iTunes ranking.

"For now, there are a few things you can do if you want to get a good iTunes ranking."

"Create great content. Connect with your audience. Update your podcast at least three times each month. List your podcast in the iTunes store and pick the right category. Use good keywords. Create prominent subscribe links to the iTunes Store. Ask your listeners to subscribe via iTunes. These are all strategies that work. I know because these are the strategies I use and all three of the podcasts that my group is involved with are highly ranked/featured in the iTunes Store".
10/03/2006 Interested in Displaying Your Podcast Feed on Your Website?
If you wish to display your podcast feed on your website as an HTML web page, take a look at the free PHP script rss2html. Once set up the script dynamically updates the web page as new items are added to the podcast feed. There are also RSS2HTML web templates to assist you with the layout, if you are graphically challenged.
10/03/2006 Podcasting Tricks Announces Podcast FAQ Winner
Podcasting Tricks has announced the winner of their "Podcasting FAQ" contest. The winner - FeedForAll's Podcasting Knowledgebase   will be posted on the Podcasting Tricks website along with other information in the next few weeks.
10/02/2006 Podcasting Winners Announced!
The Podcast & Portable Media Expo announced the winners of the "Best of Show" awards for the 2006.

Winners are selected by a committee of attendees in a variety of categories and recognizes outstanding products, software and services for creating and consuming podcasts and other portable audio and video content.

The winners were:

Best "All-Inclusive" Podcasting Software:
Podcast Station  from Audion Laboratories

Best PC Podcast Audio Editing Software:
Adobe Audition by Adobe

Best Mac Podcast Audio Editing Software:
Bias Peak Pro 5

Best Audio Capture Software:
Audio Hijack Pro  from Rogue Amoeba

Best Mobile Podcast Recording Device (under $500 category):
M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96

Best Mobile Podcast Recording Device (over $500 category):
Marantz PMD670

Best Podcast Voice Processor:
Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Processor

Best Microphone for Podcasting (under $250 category):
Samson C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone

Best Microphone for Podcasting (over $250 category):
Shure KSM27

Best Mobile Listening Application for Audio and Podcasts:

Best Mobile RSS Reader for Podcasts:
09/30/2006 Podcast Audio Comments
Podcast Ready on September 29th launched free software designed to allow podcast subscribers to record and leave audio or video messages on any blog, social network or Web site.

Podcast Ready allows Podcast-site owners to provide a forum where listeners can leave audio and video messages using their microphone and webcam.
10/01/2006 Corporate Podcast Tips
Top 5 Corporate Podcast Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague
To podcast effectively is not an easy thing to do. To podcast ineffectively is incredibly easy, costly and time-consuming. While I continue to be absolutely bullish on the marketing and PR benefits of corporate podcasting, I can’t say that I see many organizations getting it right yet. If your company is planning to podcast, avoiding these common mistakes can mean the difference between huge success and utter disaster.

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