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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

03/31/2007 Online Sermons a Hit
Lets take a look at the vertical communities in podcasting which is no more evident that it is in religious circles. The following portals are all dedicated to podcast preaching:

Religious Podcasts
03/30/2007 Hilary Duff Reaching Out via Podcast
Hilary Duff, chart-topping recording artist, headlining concert performer, actress, designer, philanthropist and businesswoman, and Wizzard Media, today announced Hilary's enormously popular video podcasts will be distributed by Wizzard Media. Hilary's podcast can be found on Apple's iTunes and on Hilary's recently re-launched
03/29/2007 Singapore Looks at Podcasting
Singapore is reviewing the code that governs competition in the print and broadcast media markets to include new media.

First implemented in April 2003, the Code of Practice for Market Conduct in the Provision of Mass Media Services spells out the rights and obligations of "regulated persons" and entities that provide mass media services, and sets the ground rules for fair competition.

Singapore Looks at New Medium
03/27/2007 Tips to Make Your Podcast Standout
Podcasts are relatively inexpensive to create, as a result, and the quality in published podcasts is extremely diverse. Corporate podcasts can be very polished audio productions while hobbyist experimenting with podcasts may have dogs barking and children's screaming in the background.

After all it is the content that matters right? Well no, not exactly remember when black and white televisions could "kind of" tune into stations it was just a hazy effect. How many continued to watch the grainy or flipping screen. Rarely was the show so riveting did it hold the interest of the viewer. Unless of course the content was forbidden to young eyes (as in the playboy channel).

Tips to Make Your Podcast Standout
03/27/2007 Podcasting Statistics
Interesting podcasting statistics:

49% female, 51% male.
All ages. The survey found more listeners 55+ than in the 18-24 age group.
Well-educated. Twice as many podcast users have advanced degrees as others.
Well-to-do. Podcast users are twice as likely to have incomes over 100K and nearly twice as likely to have incomes between 75K and 100K.
Wired - spending more than 50% more time online.
More likely than others to own an HDTV and use a TiVo or other digital video recorder.
More than twice as likely to own an iPod or other portable media player.
More than twice as likely to own video gaming systems.
Twice as likely as others to use NetFlix or other DVD rental service.
36% more likely than others to have made online purchases.
Nearly 4 times as likely to have purchased songs or other digital audio online.
03/21/2007 New Podcast Submission Websites
We have just updated the huge list of podcast directories that podcasters can submit to.
03/21/2007 Making Money for Podcasts
Podcasts started out as fun ways for ambitious garage DJs, independent musicians and talk show hosts, who had not ventured into radio broadcasting as a way to show their stuff and make a name for themselves. What started as a hobby for many, has turned into a lucrative profession for some.

Making Money for Podcasts
03/20/2007 YouTube Video Awards
The video-sharing Web site announced Monday that it will hold the first YouTube Video Awards to recognize the best-user created videos of 2006.

The awards will be handed out in seven categories: most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary and "most adorable video ever."

The nominees, picked by YouTube, are compiled in a gallery at

complete article
03/20/2007 PodioBooks
There is a niche in podcasting that, in my opinion, has not gotten enough attention. I’m talking about podcast novels, or podiobooks. These are just like audiobooks, except authors record them in podcast format, meaning they usually produce a new chapter every week published in an RSS feed. What has amazed me in the four months I’ve been listening to podcast novels is just the incredible quality of the content, which is, like any podcast, free.

website focussed on podiobooks
03/19/2007 Podcast Surprise
The surprise about podcasting isn't that millions are listening — the surprise is that millions are listening to some fairly arcane stuff.

from USA Today:

In the rapidly expanding parallel media universe of podcasting — downloadable audio (and sometimes video) shows posted on the Internet — this largely entertainment-dominated format has been embraced by the techno-chic. But now some previously obscure academics, educators and amateur enthusiasts — who once had only each other with whom to share their specialized passions — are becoming improbable podstars, complete with national media attention and swelling fan bases.
03/18/2007 Manipulate iTunes for Scholarships
An organization called Bum Rush the Charts, which calls itself a "virtual flash mob crossed with a charity," plans to encourage people worldwide to buy the a certain song on iTunes, in an attempt to drive it to the top of the charts and generate money, 45% of which will be used for college scholarships.

complete article
03/13/2007 Podcasting Legalities
Podcasting legalities reminds me of the saying " Oh what a web we weave when we first deceive". I will try to untangle the web of podcasting's legal side from a layman's point of view. First what is a podcast? A podcast is a multimedia file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet using syndication feeds. Like 'radio', podcasts can mean both the content and the method of broadcast. The latter may also be termed podcasting. Though podcasters' web sites may also offer direct downloads to the audio files or streaming of their content, a podcast is distinguished from other digital audio formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading RSS feed formats.
Somebody has made a podcast, this file, has been referenced in an RSS feed, which is posted on a webserver. You have a product, a virtual store and the all important consumer. Sounds easy right? This is where the fun (confusion) begins, copyrighted material, licenses, usage of music for an nonprofit groups, everyone seems to have their hand out for the money. Who do you pay? And what are you paying for?

The latter answer is two fold:
1. You pay the songwriters, which gives you the rights to the music being performed.
2. Then you are paying for a license to make a public performance of music.

There are three companies that take care of the mainstream artist are:
1. Seasac
2. BMI

Each of these firms offers a revenue sharing license for Internet radio stations. They will modify their licenses to work with podcasters.
Now for the performance of the music, you have to pay the people who own the recordings, the record labels.
1. A master use license from the record label, read more at
2. There is a statutory license that arrived in 2002 for the purposes of webcasting.
3. Mechanical rights , which entitles you to make copies of music recordings are administered by the Harry Fox Agency. Also is another good good source to check out.
4. RIAA you would pay a statutory license also, if you are clearing Internet performance rights.

"The alternative to this is to separated yourself from the entire system. Creative Commons -licensed music explicitly waives the author's right to the royalties." Also just type in podsafe music in, to get started on your own podcast."

Okay. We have scratched just the surface of podcasting with reference to music, let us move on to podcasting with interviews, two words come to mind slander and libel. Just because your making a podcast doesn't mean you are you can throw caution to the wind and say anything about anyone and use the First Amendment as a cloak of invisibility, for the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. You have greater responsibilities now that you are a media mogul. As my grandmother would say time and time again "Don't do or say anything, that you would not want, on the front page of a newspaper." Yes this will limit you but it also may save you embarrassment or legal fees in the long run. Podcasting the law is being debated as we speak, the Internet is the lawyer's new playground so much territory so few rules. All this will change, as the law catches up with the Internet. Can we say more rules, regulations and taxes in the future as we evolve to the next generation of podcasters?
03/11/2007 YouTube Dark in Turkey
YouTube is facing a new challenge: the Istanbul First Criminal Peace Court in Turkey. Access to the video-sharing site has been banned in Turkey after prosecutors told the court that videos deemed insulting to former Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had appeared on the site, the BBC reported
03/10/2007 Video Podcasts Come to Real Estate
Living, the country's 4th-largest real estate brokerage, has partnered with MLPodcast to provide their agent network with listing and community video podcasts. Using existing still photos, listing data and marketing copy, MLPodcast produces high quality music videos with professional voice narrations.
03/09/2007 iTunes Updated
On Monday March 5, Apple released version 7.1 of its iTunes music program, a 28 megabyte download which adds the new Cover Flow feature and additional sorting options as well as support for Apple's upcoming Apple TV.

iTunes is also now Vista compatible.
03/06/2007 More Tips for Podcasters
Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.

1. Make it Professional
Regardless of whether you are podcasting from your garage or a corporate boardroom there is no reason that your podcast cannot have a professional sound and feel. Use software to edit the audio file and filter background noise. Listeners will not tolerate poor audio quality. With the wide range of relatively inexpensive software and hardware available there is no reason you can not provide good quality audio podcast.

More Tips for Podcasters
03/05/2007 Podcast Hosting Comparison
When we started researching places for podcasters to store their media files and RSS feeds, we didn't expect to find so many different hosting services (especially free ones). There are tons of hosts for podcasters (and tons more that aren't... Remember, you don't need to use a podcast specific hosting service. You can publish your podcast anywhere you can upload files.)

Podcast Hosting Comparison
03/05/2007 Podcasting Acquisition
Speech recognition technology developer Wizzard Software Corp. has announced plans to acquire podcasting pioneer Liberated Syndication (Libsyn), resulting in what they call the world’s largest podcasting distribution network.
03/01/2007 How to Produce Your Own Podcast
InstaBLOKE  has posted a guide How to Produce Your Own Podcast, it is part of a podcasting 101 series. He walks users through the process of podcast creation.
02/28/2007 Podcast Recording Software
Before you begin podcasting develop a plan and a format for your show. Determine the focus of your podcast and what types of guests you would like to interview. Time spent planning your show will contribute to it's success.

Location, Location, Location
When you are producing a podcast on a regular basis it is important that you select an appropriate location for the recording to take place. The location should be free of external distractions and relatively quiet. It is easiest if you use the same location each time, that way the equipment can remain in place and will not require moving or setup each time you produce a show.

Podcast Recording Tips
02/27/2007 New Yorker Video Podcast
Animated versions of The New Yorkers famous cartoons are now available on iTunes. A venture called RingTales has apparently been given an exclusive license to animate and distribute The New Yorker's library of over 70,000 cartoons. Each week, three new video animations will be added to the feed.
02/27/2007 Apple and Cisco Kiss and Make Up
Last wednesday Apple and Cisco resolved their long-running dispute over the iPhone name.

The companies released an announcement saying they had reached an agreement allowing both to use the hotly contested trademark. The agreement will permit both Apple and Cisco to use the iPhone trademark worldwide.
02/27/2007 Online Business Interviews
This is classified as an ecommerce podcasts but the interviews all appear to be with CEOs of some of the top online stores, from Peapod to Craigs List. Really a great collection of notable interviews.
02/27/2007 Foreign Language Podcasts and Feeds
Good summary of language feeds that teach Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese. Additional foreign language feeds and podcasts can be found in the Educational Feed and Podcast directory.
02/26/2007 Prime Minister of England Podcasts
Number 10 Downing Street has entered the 21st Century. Tony Blair has been podcasting interviews with a number of  high-profile personalities.
02/26/2007 PC Magazine Believes the Podcast Hype
Great podcasting article by PC Magazine:

All of the hype surrounding new communication technologies like podcasting may make you wonder why you bother paying attention. But like blogging, which I wrote about in the previous issue, podcasting is a relatively easy way to increase consumer awareness and create an open dialogue between your customer and your brand, ultimately creating loyalty.

Customers can also subscribe to your podcast, so that each time you produce a new show, they will automatically receive it. Much as a webinar can do (but without needing to be live), podcasts can reach your target market with regularly scheduled relevant messages and information about an issue, your industry, and your business.

complete article
02/20/2007 Locate Niche Podcasts
These directories will help you find niche focused podcasts, see the original article!

Financial Podcasts

Security Podcasts

Medical Podcasts

Real Estate
Realty Podcasts
ML Podcasts

Religious Podcasts
Church Podcasts

Automotive Podcasts


Sports Feeds and Podcasts  
Sports podcasts

Educational Podcast network
Educational Podcasts

Political Feeds
Political Podcasts

Government Feeds
Government Podcasts

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