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A Podcasting Blog from Podcasting Tools - Daily Podcasting News and Information for Podcasters and Listeners.

Daily Podcasting Blog and news related to podcasting, RSS, podcast news and aggregation. Information related to podcasts are added on a daily business and cover the gamut, from new podcast product announcements, podcast directories, marketing for podcasters and much, much more.

02/27/2006 PRWeb Introduces Podcasting as PR Alternative
PRWeb, the leading press release visibility company, has introduced a podcasting service to its press release distribution platform. PRWeb is the first major newswire to offer press release podcast interviews to its users.

The podcast service through and, launched today, is offered free of charge to PRWeb users with press releases distributed at the popular SEO Tools distribution level.

Featuring recorded interviews about press releases submitted by PRWeb users, the PRWebPodcast service brings news releases to life. PRWeb staff members will visit with users and/or their clients and discuss their news in a brief five- to seven-minute telephone interview. The PRWeb team then creates a recording through an in-house production process that makes the PRWeb user the centerpiece of the podcast. Once production is complete, PRWeb works to promote the podcast episodes on PRWebPodcast and elsewhere on the Internet with the same expertise it deploys to promote press releases.
02/27/2006 Radio Cautious About Podcasting
While National Public Radio has been a pioneer in podcasting, some member stations are not happy.

It comes down to the relationship with listeners, according to Rafat Ali, publisher of He's covering the Public Broadcasting New Media Conference in Seattle this week.

"If you thought that the newspaper people were in the grips of a siege mentality, you should come and see the public radio and TV people," he wrote Friday.

Complete Article
02/20/2006 Podcasting Software Beta
FeedForAll Mac has a new beta release.  FeedForAll Mac now supports unified publishing. This means that podcasters publishing feeds can publish the feed, all enclosures, images, and other files at the same time to FTP, .Mac or servers on your local network. This feature also supports publishing the feed in a variety of export formats and publishing an OPML list.
02/20/2006 PodBridge
Podbridge, Inc. is a podcast audience measurement and ad network service. They say they provide:

- Accurate measurement of podcast listens – not just downloads
- Audience profiles with demographics, listening habits and locations
- Connections between podcast content providers and advertisers
- Dynamic ad insertion, rotation, measurement and consulting services

I really don't know how they can technically track listens not just downloads....
02/19/2006 PodcastUser Magazine First Issue Available
The first issue of PodcastUser Magazine has been completed.
02/19/2006 MPEG-4 Patent Infringement Accusations
AT&T has begun to name names in its hunt to license its MPEG video compression patents, according to an article in PC Week.

AT&T possesses several patents related to video compression, which the company says are an essential component of the MPEG-4 video technology. In a bid to drive its global licensing program, AT&T has targeted Apple Computer, Inc., CyberLink Corp., DivX, Inc., InterVideo, Inc., and Sonic Solutions as unlicensed companies whose products and software utilize the MPEG-4 technology.

02/17/2006 Mutual Fund PodPack
The Wells Fargo Advantage Funds(SM) Web site has launched a new mutual fund PodPack feature for financial advisors.

Available on the Investment Professionals Web Site, advantagefunds, this feature adds a new dimension to the popular podcast concept: Combining the standard audio file of portfolio manager commentary with supplemental information in the form of fund fact sheets, prospectuses, and other materials.

02/17/2006 The Podcast Hotel an Unconference
The Podcast Hotel: An Unconference About Independent Culture, Podcasting and Digital Music: Seattle, WA. February 23-25, 2006.

Meet the people shaping podcasting and its growing importance in the world of digital music and the news media in a setting that is more like a studio than a conference. Podcasters, artists and musicians, digital music executives, mobile technology experts and media will all be there. Performances and live recordings over three nighs by more than ten bands from Seattle, Portland, Or., San Diego, Bend, Or., Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC.
02/17/2006 Campus Tours via ....Podcast?
CampusTours, Inc. today announced that the CampusTours MultiMedia Engine, which powers many college and university virtual tours, will now support podcasting of both audio and video virtual campus tour information. Campus tour podcasting allows institutions to supply audio or video feeds to visitors who arrive during hours when the university may be closed or when student guided tours are otherwise unavailable.
02/17/2006 Music Teacher Shares His Class Using Podcasts
Sixth-graders at Sycamore Ridge Elementary are turning ancient rhythms into high-tech broadcasts to be shared with the world.

They are creating podcasts, downloadable Internet audio programs. It's part of their study of Africa.

The students in Jerry Foust's music class have been exploring the ancient art of drumming in a project that is teaching them geographical and cultural aspects of the tribal and modern continent.

Complete Article
02/15/2006 Cache Podcasts
If you display your podcast feed on a website consider caching the feed to speed up the display time.

The new rss2html Cache module will expedite the retrieval and conversion of RSS feeds into html web pages.

Once the feed is cached it will be read from the local hard drive for a specified amount of time. After the specified time has lapsed, the RSS feed will be fetched again. This allows the contents of the RSS feed being displayed to remain current, while expediting the whole process.

Additionally, the script reduces bandwidth usage. The bandwidth is reduced because the web server does not have to repeatedly fetch the same RSS feed from a remote server.

More on RSS and Podcast Cache
02/15/2006 Motorola Podcasting
Motorola yesterday announced that it signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft to use Windows Media technology in upcoming phones. This won't affect Motorola's relationship with Apple, but may be a sign that Motorola is really starting to look elsewhere.
02/13/2006 Podalyzer - Analyze Podcasts
Podalyzer is a perl script that analyses web server access logs and produces reports specifically for Podcasts. Podalyzer will produce charts to track popularity and other statistical information.
02/13/2006 Recycling iPods
Apple's announcement Tuesday that it plans to roll out yet another version of its popular music player and drop the cost of several existing machines means that some owners of iPods may want to upgrade.

A startup called wants to help them unload their old machines.

Assuming the iPod is in good working condition, the company, which runs an online consignment service, will offer a guaranteed price for any machine and take the task of reselling it online.
02/09/2006 Welsh Podcasting
Though it's taken a while - to the best of Ping Wales' knowledge, the first Welsh language podcast was produced just over a year ago - politicians and civil servants are beginning to explore the potential of podcasting.

Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood is reportedly the first Welsh politician to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, with a weekly podcast to be found on her website.
02/09/2006 ITunes Hooks up to Cable via Showtime
TV viewers who don't subscribe to Showtime Networks will be able to enjoy its premium cable content on demand, thanks to a deal that makes nonbroadcast television available on iTunes for the first time.
02/08/2006 Realtors Use RSS to Sell Homes, Why Not Podcasts?
This article illustrates how realtors are using RSS and technology to sell homes:

Daily more and more realtors are turning to RSS as a tool to market homes for sale. The growing RSS phenomenon in the realty market makes perfect sense. Unlike email RSS feeds have a 100% delivery rate. In addition the costs involved in creating and managing an RSS feed are insignificant when compared to the print advertising Realtors spend on each week. Imagine the amount spent each week to promote various properties in circulars and weekly newspapers, compared to the costs associated with updating and managing an RSS feed.

but couldn't they just as easily use podcasts.....
02/08/2006 Harvard Med School Integrates Podcasting
Harvard Medical School has integrated podcasting into their curriculum.

Starting on Dec. 1, HMS course lectures became available for download onto the iPods of students, faculty, and staff. The lectures are translated into MP3 audio files, which community members can download after subscribing to the class’s podcast feed. “This is the first time any medical school, to my knowledge, has used an iPod as an educational tool to distribute the entire curriculum,” said John Halamka, HMS associate professor of medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and chief information officer at HMS.
02/08/2006 New Term Coined Podfading
Ryan and Jen Ozawa were riding high on the iTunes charts, enjoying a much-envied following of more than 15,000 listeners for their weekly Lost-themed podcast, The Transmission.

Then, in a plot twist worthy of the hit TV show itself, the Hawaii-based couple suddenly marooned their audience and shut down.

The phenomenon has earned its own label, "podfading," coined by podcaster Scott Fletcher in February 2005 when he gave up on two podcasts of his own.

From CNet
02/07/2006 Language Specific Podcast Directories
A number of new language specific podcast directories are cropping up, the latest of which is a Russian Podcast directory.
02/07/2006 iTunes Gamble Paying Off
Television networks took a leap into the unknown when they started selling their shows on Apple's iTunes online store, but even in these early days, it's starting to look as if that faith in digital downloads was well placed.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs welcomed Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Animation Studios content to the service in October. Now there are 40 different series, each episode of which costs a standardized $1.99 to purchase, and more are on the way.

Complete Article
02/06/2006 Man Sues Apple Over Potential Hearing Loss
A Louisiana man claims in a lawsuit that Apple's iPod music player can cause hearing loss in people who use it.

Apple has sold more than 42 million of the devices since they went on sale in 2001, including 14 million in the fourth quarter last year. The devices can produce sounds of more than 115 decibels, a volume that can damage the hearing of a person exposed to the sound for more than 28 seconds per day, according to the complaint.
02/01/2006 Tools for Manipulating Podcast Feeds
Many podcasters display their podcasts and podcast summaries on their website. These tools all help with podcast manipulation:

rss2html.php - Free PHP script display RSS (or podcast) feed as an html web page.

FutureRSS - The FutureRSS script only displays items thats dates have passed. Allowing web publishers to prepublish content weeks or even month's in advance, knowing that the content will automatically be displayed at the appropriate time.

RSS Cache - The Cache module saves the feed locally for a specified period of time, making feed retrieval much quicker.

02/01/2006 Launches Daily Podcasting of The Wine Experience Radio Show
Corkscrew Productions announced today the free daily Podcast of The Wine Experience Radio Show.
Daily Podcasting of this unique national radio program is the ideal way for people to stay up to date about wine, learn wine basics, hear about wine country regions and travel, and discover the joy of wine, food, and entertaining.

"With most wine books and websites concentrating primarily on more traditional wine enthusiasts, our show and site,, capture the mainstream appeal of wine," said Kenneth Ohr, President of Corkscrew Productions, LLC. "The introduction of Podcasting is yet another way to make wine more accessible and fun for more people."

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